A range of exciting tasks that will fire your enthusiasm!

  • Dynamic and down-to-earth

    • International sales organisation
    • International production locations
    • Networked IT systems
    • Ongoing investments

    • Close ties to the region
    • Flat hierarchy
    • Responsibility at all levels
    • A practical and decisive work approach
    • Rapid decision-making routes
    • Long-term strategic planning

  • Encouraging staff development and investment in training

    Staff development:
    • Opportunity to make decisions
    • Assuming responsibility at an early stage
    • Practically oriented employee development
    • Chances to work abroad

    Investment in training:
    • Wide range of language courses
    • Internal and external departmentally related training courses
    • Annual appraisals
    • Individual (including international) career pathways
    • Deployments abroad at sales and production locations
    • A highly regarded provider of training for more than 50 years
    • Opportunity for development via training in the occupation of machine and plant operator
    • Regular training courses for apprentices
    • Periods spent abroad as part of a dual programme of higher education study
    • Scrupulous training support featuring meetings with parents, feedback sessions and teaching mentors
    • Very good chances of being offered a permanent contract of employment upon completion of vocational education and training
    • A certified vocational education and training provider

  • Social responsibility and a forward-looking approach

    Social responsibility:
    • Charitable donations instead of Christmas presents for customers
    • Regular fund-raising campaigns for "Villa Kunterbunt" and "Verein schwerstkranker Kinder im Hunsrück", both of which support and treat seriously sick children in the Hunsrück region
    • Practical cooperation with local schools with the aim of making learning more fun (“SchuWi” programme)
    • Improvement of the technical IT equipment at local schools
    • Supporting children’s motor skills
    • Health and safety at work, avoidance and retracing of work accidents
    • Compliance with a Code of Conduct
    • Donations to the "Stefan Morsch Foundation", a charity which collects bone marrow and stem cell samples, and organisation of donor campaigns
    • Initiator and organiser of an annual "clean-up"day in Morbach

    Forward-looking approach:
    • Sustainable corporate strategy
    • Fostering and expansion of our training system
    • Management seminars
    • Company integration management
    • "Health check"
    • Knowledge management

  • Focus on performance and quality awareness

    Focus on performance:
    • Unbureaucratic and target-oriented staff development
    • Opening up new task prospects and opportunities for advancement via dynamic growth
    • Individual trainee programmes
    • Performance-related remuneration systems
    • Employee suggestions system

    Quality awareness:
    • Internal quality assurance system
    • Autonomous responsibility for product quality on the part of every single member of staff
    • Traceability of complaints
    • Learning from complaints

  • Innovation and maintaining values

    • State-of-the-art technologies
    • Technical improvements to ease the burden of physical labour
    • Improvements aimed at retaining competitiveness

    Maintaining values:
    • Personal contact
    • Traditional values form an established part of our corporate philosophy
    • Rapid decisions, no "culture of meetings"
    • Direct communication routes
    • Celebrating company events together

  • Flexibility and organisation

    • Employees deployed in accordance with their personal skills and preferences
    • Internal opportunities for development in other divisions of the company
    • Individual and international career pathways
    • Part-time roles in administration and production
    • Flexible working time in administrative departments
    • Annualised working time account in the company’s commercial divisions

    • Clear strategic planning
    • A structured approach within the organisation
    • Attractive and clear areas of responsibility
    • Flat hierarchies
    • A clear decision-making framework
    • Clear performance indicators
    • Thorough induction of new staff, training at the workplace

  • Focus on growth and environmental awareness

    Focus on growth:
    • Continuous company growth at the Morbach location
    • Establishment of new international locations to drive competitiveness
    • Investments in the expansion of capacities and in increasing efficiency
    • Investments to ease the burden of physical labour
    • Rapid and well-founded decisions

    Environmental awareness:
    • Ecological sustainability
    • Innovation leadership in the recycling of plastics
    • Investments in technologies for exhaust gas purification and energy saving
    • Use of solvent-free printing inks
    • "Ecoloop" guarantees the raw materials cycle
    • Returns system for film waste
    • Innovative recycling technology with large capacities
    • Use of alternative raw materials such as plastic or sugar cane
    • Initiator and organiser of an annual "clean-up” day in Morbach

  • Fun and responsibility

    • Individually designed products for big-name customers
    • Varied task areas
    • An international clientèle
    • Good and personalised work climate
    • Interesting colleagues both in Germany and abroad
    • Large-scale Christmas party as a set-piece employee event

    • Assuming personal responsibility and responsibility for colleagues and the company
    • High degree of customer focus at all levels
    • Team bonuses, bonus systems
    • Autonomous area of work