Was Papier-Mettler bietet

What we can offer

An investment in the future

Jobs bei Papier-Mettler in Morbach

120 trainees are currently expanding their skills and knowledge and pursuing ongoing personal development at Papier-Mettler. We fund and foster up-and-coming talent whilst integrating our trainees into our company in the most effective manner possible.

Evidence of the high quality of training we provide came in 2008, when we were recognised as an “outstanding provider of training” by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Here are just a few of the activities that await you.

  • Very good prospects

    Papier-Mettler trains workers to meet its own requirements. Build your own future at Europe’s leading manufacturer of packaging and use the knowledge acquired during training as a skilled worker at the company.

    Looking for a little bit more? Continuing training is also on offer during and after training. Financial support may also be available!

  • Language courses

    Papier-Mettler’s operations have long since extended beyond the region, and the company now maintains 15 foreign branches. In order to help you communicate with our colleagues and customers at a local level, online courses in languages such as English and French are offered every year. Our employees always show considerable interest in and enthusiasm for this provision.

  • Learning mentors for all trainees

    At the beginning of their training, all trainees are assigned a learning mentor to facilitate career entry and to give assistance with any questions that may arise, particularly at the beginning of training. Assistance, from which both sides benefit, is provided in confidence!

  • Company training workshop

    Our new company training workshop provides plenty of hands-on experience of every kind of production process. There are also courses in pneumatics, electro-pneumatics, turning and welding, CNC, practical and theoretical examination preparation courses and much more besides.

  • Telephone training for commercial trainees & students

    Taking the fear and inhibitions from telephoning! What is the correct way to greet the caller? Which notes should be taken? How should the caller be connected with the relevant member of staff? All of these topics and many more besides are covered by our telephone courses for trainees and students.

  • First aid course at the start of training

    All trainees and students take part in a first aid training course conducted by the German Red Cross at the beginning of their training. Participants learn where first aid boxes are located, how to apply a bandage properly, what action to take in the event of an accident at work, how to lay unconscious persons safely on their side and many other aspects of this important topic.

    Our tip – your certification can also be used for your driving test!

  • Workshop on health and safety at work

    Health and safety at work is an extremely important issue to which considerable attention is paid at the very outset of training. How should trainees conduct themselves to avoid accidents? Which risks need particular consideration? Why do accidents occur and how can they be prevented? The seminar is led by an expert from the Employers' Liability Insurance Association.

  • Addiction seminar

    What are addictions, and how can they be recognised and treated? How can an addiction negatively impact my life? Our in-house seminar on addiction addresses these issues and many others besides.

  • Parents’ days

    Our popular parents’ days take place once a year, and all parents of our trainees are warmly invited to attend. The focus of the discussions is on training, advanced training and continued employment following completion of training. The trainees themselves are, of course, also present.

  • Meet and greet party

    Special meet and greet get-togethers for all trainees and trainers take place every two years. These take the form of various events, such as climbing trips, barbecues, hiking tours and many more besides. Our trainees and students are, of course, involved in the planning process. Send in your application today and take part in the next event!

  • Courses at the inter-company training centre in Wittlich

    Our trainees in the occupations of mechanic in plastics and rubber processing and electronics technician for industrial engineering attend additional courses at the inter-company training centre in Wittlich in order to provide them with intensive preparation for their upcoming examinations. A special course in plastics extending over several weeks is also held at the centre.

    By the way, we subsidise travel costs!

  • Capital formation benefits

    You may conclude a mortgage saving and/or an investment scheme as soon as you start your training. Papier-Mettler will make an employer contribution of €13.29.

  • Company pension provision

    We offer company pension provision in the form of a group insurance scheme at Allianz or at Provinzial, which offers you the opportunity to take out direct insurance.