Papier-Mettler Teachers Information


A warm welcome to all teachers!

  • Schüler bei Papier-Mettler in Morbach

    Every year, about 40 new career entrants begin vocational education and training in 14 different occupations at our main works in Morbach, which currently has 1,800 employees and in excess of 100 trainees. Our motto is “Make more of your education”. We seek to build on the knowledge our trainees have gained at school.

    What average marks are required? As a training provider, we are mainly interested in trainees who have achieved good marks in subjects that are relevant to the respective occupation. We also set great store by marks awarded for conduct and involvement. Less emphasis is placed on overall average marks.

    Please let us know if you can recommend any pupil to us on the basis of his or her social commitment, particular practical talents or other personal characteristics.

    We are looking forward to getting to know your pupil when he or she attends for interview or takes part in an internship or work experience placement.

  • SchuWi – Schule und Wirtschaft

    The “SchuWi” programme – schools and business

    “SchuWi” is a programme initiated by Papier-Mettler, in which it enters into cooperation with schools from the region to make young people aware at an early stage of the opportunities that are open to them in trade, industry and technology.

    Staff from the company take on an active role in teaching in order to awaken interest in various areas of business and develop and foster abilities. We also provide schools with financial support in equipping their premises in order to help create the very best conditions for learning.

    The programme has been in existence since the end of the 1990’s and has proved to be a successful concept. Many young people have found training places and jobs via the SchuWi initiative.

  • Im Unterricht


    Technicians in schools – helping out with the teaching of chemistry

    Once a year, our trainer for the occupation of mechanic in plastics and rubber processing, visits the surrounding schools. He delivers a double chemistry lesson on the topic of “from crude oil to foil and back again”. Pupils learn everything about the manufacture and processing of plastics. The theme of recycling is, of course, also covered.

    4 afternoons of practical exercises, each comprising a double lesson, are also staged at Papier-Mettler. Pupils learn about the production of blown foil on site and have the opportunity to manufacture their own foil using our model extruder. The session is followed by a tour of the company, during which the pupils also learn all about the processing of foils.

    Each pupil is issued with a certificate of participation.

    Our tip:– pupils should enclose this certificate of participation with their application documentation. Commitment shown out of school makes a good impression with anyone reading through the application!

  • Praktikum

    Work experience placements at Papier-Mettler

    A chance for young people to familiarise themselves with several occupations

    Every year, about 60-80 work experience placement pupils learn all about the training occupations offered by Papier-Mettler.

    We offer a programme extending over several weeks that provides a chance to get to know all about several different occupations. We deploy work experience placement pupils in different occupational fields if they wish. A work experience placement may, for example, cover the occupations of electronics technician for industrial engineering,information technology specialist and industrial clerk and take place within the scope of a single and coherent programme.

    During teacher visits, pupils can report on their experiences and clarify any issues.

    Upon completion of the placement, a certificate or report is issued.

    Further information on work experience placements is available here.

  • Berufsbörsen

    Careers fairs

    Papier-Mettler regularly participates in the various careers fairs that are staged in the region. Successful examples of this sort of event include the workshops held at Morbach Integrated Secondary School or at Thalfang Intermediate Secondary School. Local vocational schools, such as those in Bernkastel and Wittlich, also offer vocational orientation days at regular intervals, and we are always represented.

    Our trainers and trainees will be on hand to inform school pupils and parents about the various occupational fields. There will also be a chance to have a go at making your own bottle opener, manufacturing foil on our model extruder and taking part in various experiments in the field of the occupation of electronics technician for industrial engineering.

    There will be a presentation and films on our training occupations to give pupils, parents and teachers the chance to observe our trainees in real working situations.

    Our tip – the careers fair is the ideal place to make contacts for a subsequent voluntary internship or work experience placement. Please make your pupils aware of this opportunity!