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Training occupation

Electronics technician for industrial engineering

Name of the training occupation: Electronics technician for industrial engineering
Duration of training: 3 1/2 years
School qualification required: Intermediate secondary school leaving certificate with good marks in mathematics and physics
Useful strengths: Good with your hands, ability to work as part of a team, reliability, enthusiasm for anything to do with electricity
Vacancies available from 01.08.2020: All professional training positions are currently occupied
Deadline for applications:  
Vocational school: Wittlich Vocational School
2 days at school per week at the start of training
Continuing training opportunities: Certified industrial foreman
Electrical engineer

“Electronics technicians need to keep a cool head and not become too highly charged.”

Electronics technicians for industrial engineering install repair and maintain electrical operating, production and processing plants. These may also include switch gears and control panel systems, energy supply systems or communication and illumination systems.

Training at Papier-Mettler begins with seminars on metalworking and electrical installations. The greatest emphasis is placed on the aspect of health and safety. Training courses in accident prevention regulations are an absolute must.

Our trainees then proceed to learn on site and accompany project groups to the relevant area of deployment. They lay cables, repair production plants or install circuits.

In the 3rd year of training, they learn about Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Trainees have placements in the following departments during their training:
Electrical Workshop | Electronics Department | Main Warehouse | Finished Goods Warehouse | Extrusion | Recycling Works